Team Japan leave for Intel ISEF 2019 on May 12th, JST

On May 12, 2019, MST, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) 2019 begin in Phoenix, Arizona. It will last for 6 days, until May 17, MST. Including finalists research presentation, many events are planned, and most of them are focused on international communication among the finalists.


From Japan, 22 finalists, 12 projects who won the national competition; Japan Science and Engineering Challenge (JSEC) and Japan Students Science Awards (JSSA), are sent on Intel ISEF 2019.


【ANIM011T Animal Science】

Finalists: Rintaro Mori, Tazuru Kobayashi, Akito Yoshida

School: Yasuda Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Project title: Adaptive significance of the experimentally obtained diploid male fertility in the Japanese bumblebee Bombus ignites with complementary sex determination


【ANIM015T Animal Science】

Finalists: Yuma Okamoto, So Tsukamoto

School:  Shizuoka Prefectural Kakegawa-Nishi High School

Project title: Bird Environmental DNA from the Air


【ANIM016T Animal Science】

Finalists: Yui Tamada, Ayana Miyazaki, Haruka Hinami

School: Nagasaki prefectural Nagasaki Nishi High School

Project title: Novel Subtle Acoustic Communication: Successful Elucidation of the Cryptic Ecology of Runner Plant Bugs (Hallodapus spp.) with Emphasis on Their Stridulatory Mechanisms


【ANIM021 Animal Science】

Finalist: Yuko Nakano

School: Misono Junior high School

Project title: Reproductive strategy for a surf clam, Chion semigranosa (Dunker) accumulating in the intertidal zone of exposed sandy beach in summer in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, Japan


【BCHM009T Biochemistry】
Finalists: Hayato Shoyama, Momoko Hayashida, Shintaro Yamamoto

School: Fukuoka Prefectural Meizen High School

Project title: Discovery of a Remarkable Oscillatory Color Change in the Iodine Starch Reaction during the Early Stage of Acid Hydrolysis of Potato Starch


【CHEM012 Chemistry】

Finalist: Miu Muto

School: Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School

Project title: Formation of Large Sized Aragonite Crystals by Using Gel Method


【EAEV016 Earth and Environmental Science】

Finalist: Aihisa Kamijo

School: Matsumoto Fukashi Senior High School

Project title: Long-term visual monitoring revealed importance of sea wind in causing sudden showers in Japanese mountain basin


【MATS014 Material Science】

Finalist: Taito Tanaka

School: National Institute of Technology, Yonago College

Project title: Development of the Gypsum Board Materials Containing Eggshell Aiming at the Solution of Sick Building Syndrome

【PHYS017 Physics】

Finalist: Rinka Kai

School: Hiroshima Prefectural Fuchu High School

Sound velocity in corrugated pipes


【PHYS019T Physics】

Finalists: Ryotaro Ishiko, Yuta Koshobu, Keita Watanabe

School: Hiroshima University High School

Project title: Making Microbubbles with Spiral Method


【PLNT014 Plant Science】

Finalist: Minori Mori

School: Meikei High School

Project title:Development of the Lucky Clover: Effects of Phosphate and Auxin on the Number of Leaflets in White Clover


【ROBO016 Robotics and Intelligent Machines】

Finalist: Sean Ishiyama

School: Meihokan High School

Project title:  Extension of the disease detection method of lung using deep learning with visualization


*Finalists School Data is based on the information in December 2018


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