Intel ISEF 2019 Day4 – 3 projects from Team Japan won Special Award

In the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2019, 3 projects from Team Japan received Special Award. Those 3 projects are;


Project title: Long-term visual monitoring revealed importance of sea wind in causing sudden showers in Japanese mountain basin

Award: American Meteorological Society Third Award

Finalist: Aihisa KAMIJYO

School: Matsumoto Fukashi Senior High School


Project title: Novel Subtle Acoustic Communication: Successful Elucidation of the Cryptic Ecology of Runner Plant Bugs (Hallodapus spp.) with Emphasis on Their Stridulatory Mechanisms

Award: Acoustical Society of America First Award

Finalists: Yui TAMADA; Ayana MIYAZAKI; Haruka HINAMI

School: Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Nishi High School


Project title: Bird Environmental DNA from the Air

Award: University of Arizona, Renewal Tuition Scholarship


School: Shizuoka Prefectural Kakegawa-Nishi High School


Especially, Renewal Tuition Scholarship is a scholarship to support the study in the University of Arizona that provided for four years while they are in the UA. This is the first time that finalist from Team Japan receives this kind of Scholarship at ISEF.


Thank you to all of the people who supported me, Aihisa KAMIJYO, who received Third Award from American Meteorological Society, said.


Yui TAMADA, Ayana MIYAZAKI, and Haruka HINAMI, who received First Award from Acoustical Society of America said, “We are so happy that people got interested in our research. We want to tell our thankfulness to all the people who supported us“.


Yuma and So, who received Renewal Tuition Scholarship from the University of Arizona said “We are so glad that the thing we built up appears as an award. We have no word other than thank you to everyone.”

Tomorrow is the day of the Grand Award Ceremony. SSP will broadcast it on their Facebook page ( from 1 am May 18, JST. We have to stay wake up the whole night, but you have to stay with SSP broadcasting to see the result of Team Japan.


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