Intel ISEF 2019 Day5 – 3 projects from Team Japan won Grand Award


In the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2019, 3 projects from Team Japan received Grand Award. Those 3 projects are;


2ndPlace Award in Animal Science

Project title: Bird Environmental DNA from the Air


School: Shizuoka Prefectural Kakegawa-Nishi High School


3rdPlace Award in Material Science

Project title: Development of the Gypsum Board Materials Containing Eggshell Aiming at the Solution of Sick Building Syndrome

Finalist: Taito TANAKA

School: National Institute of Technology, Yonago College


4thPlace Award in Animal Science

Project title: Novel Subtle Acoustic Communication: Successful Elucidation of the Cryptic Ecology of Runner Plant Bugs (Hallodapus spp.) with Emphasis on Their Stridulatory Mechanisms

Finalists: Yui TAMADA; Ayana MIYAZAKI; Haruka HINAMI

School: Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Nishi High School

The Gordon E. Moore Award and Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award winners are:


The Gordon E. Moore Award

Project title:Utilizing Computer Vision and Machine Learning Systems to Develop a Live Time Navigational and Surgical Aid for Spinal Reconstructions

Finalist: Krithik Ramesh

Country: United States


Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award

Project title: Modeling Neurodegeneration in vitro: A Dynamic Study of Tau in a Microfluidic Chamber System via Quantum Dot Labeling

Finalist: Allison Sihan Jia

Country: United States


Project title:Bioinspired Submersible Dual Propulsion System: A Novel Approach to Ultra-Efficient Submarine Propulsion Utilizing Starting and Stopping Vortex Rings Mirroring Jellyfish Motion

Finalist: Rachel M. Seever

Country: United States


As this Intel ISEF become the last fair with Intel as a title sponsor, new award, Craig R. Barrett Award for Innovation, that given to the project which shows innovation in STEM goes to:

Craig R. Barrett Award for Innovation

Project title: A Novel, Noninvasive Approach to Melanoma Diagnosis Using Optical Coherence Tomography and Bioconjugated Gold Nanoparticles

Finalist: Shriya Reddy

Country: United States

This is the end of Intel ISEF 2019. Next ISEF is ISEF 2020 and will be held in Anaheim, California. Team Japan will go home tomorrow.


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