Team Japan completed poster setting and joined Opening Ceremony

Today is Day 2 of Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) 2019. In the morning, finalists completed their poster setting and practiced presentation to make their presentation easier to understand. Some of the finalists discussed with Interpreter, the other finalists practiced presentation with foreigner finalists.

In the Opening Ceremony, an amazing dance which combined with the effect on the screen is performed. Even apart from this, a keynote session is held by Feng Zhang, Ph.D., who is an alumnus of the ISEF and one of the top researchers in the genome editing.

When we mention the Intel ISEF Opening Ceremony, we cannot go without mention the country appealing time, Shout Out. From Team Japan, Ryotaro ISHIKO, Rinka KAI, and Rintaro MORI go up to the stage, Yuma OKAMOTO, Momoko HAYASHIDA, and Akito YOSHIDA appear on the short movie as Team Representative.

SSP plans ISEF OB/OG and Nobel Prize Researcher panel discussion and welcome event for the finalist for tomorrow event.

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